Welcome to Sun Safe Schools

A national accreditation programme providing
primary schools with free resources to assist
them in their duty of care to safeguard children
against UV and prevent skin cancer through
education as part of the new PHSE curriculum


Sun safety education now statutory!

Under the new PHSE (Health and Prevention) Curriculum which came into force September 2020, all English primary schools must now educate pupils about safe and unsafe exposure to the sun and how to reduce the risk of sun damage, including skin cancer.

Free Resources for Primary Schools

By taking part in the Sun Safe Schools Accreditation programme, schools can access a wide range of quality resources to educate children on the importance of sun safety, enabling them to fulfil their obligations under the new PHSE curriculum.

4 Steps to Gaining Your Accreditation

The Sun Safe Schools 4-step accreditation programme provides schools with all the tools, resources, guidance and support they need to prove and be rewarded for their commitment to protection, education and collaboration.

Feedback From Accredited Settings

We love shouting about the feedback from the thousands of schools across the UK that have become accredited and are benefitting from the Sun Safe Schools programme - but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what they have to say...

About us and why Action is Needed

Skin cancer statistics are compelling and the disease is almost entirely preventable. We want to reverse these statistics by planting the seeds of sun safety in education and by embedding prevention and early detection in the heart of communities nationwide.

Check Today’s UV Forecast in your Area

Want to know the UV forecast in your location? You can check it here daily courtesy the Met Office in association with Skcin. Remember, when UV levels reach 3 or above, use Skcin’s five S’s of Sun Safety to protect from over-exposure to UV.

Sunscreen And Dispensers For Schools

Skcin have worked with SC Johnson Professional to develop bespoke sunscreen dispensers for use in schools. Dispensers contain a cartridge of SPF50 sunscreen that provides high broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB.

Free Fundraising Resources

Want to raise funds for a shade structure, sun hats, sunscreen or to support the work of Skcin? We provide you with inspiration, advice and resources to assist you in implementing a successful fundraising solution to meet your needs.

Sun Exposure and Vitamin D

Exposure to UVB radiation is the most efficient way for our bodies to boost our Vitamin D supply. So, whilst some sun is definitely good for us, over exposure is a serious health risk, it is therefore extremely important to strike the right balance...