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Get your school involved | Parental Support

If your child’s school is not already taking part and you would like them to implement a Sun Safety policy
and teach their pupils about the importance of sun safety, you can help encourage your school to register
with the scheme and work toward their accreditation. Please click on the download link below for
information about the scheme that you can hand in to or email your school to let them know
about the accreditation and extensive range of free resources.
Download Sun Safe Schools information

Get your school involved | Parental Support

A parent’s role in assisting schools in their efforts to implement an effective Sun Safety policy cannot
be underestimated. Ensuring your child has access to an appropriate sun hat and quality sunscreen
during school hours and that sun safe practices are reinforced at home is paramount.
Please find below some usefull links and literature to help you and your family understand
the effects of UV, with advice on prevention and early detection.
Click here to view resources