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Our Objective

Together we have a responsibility to ensure that our children
grow up with sufficient knowledge of sun safety. In particular,
we believe that primary school children should be adequately
protected against the sun’s harmful rays during school hours.
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We have learned from Australia, that a uninfied approach is the
only way we can bring about much needed cultural change.

The Sun Safe Schools Award Scheme and its
associated content and resources have been
developed to assist schools in their duty to
implement a suitable sun safe policy and teaching.
Designed to be simple, effective and realistic, this
website provides schools with a step by step guide to
gaining Sun Safe School status, with a host of engaging
resources for key stage 1 and 2 pupils.

All teaching resources have been written by experienced
educational professionals and can be linked in with the
National Curriculum. Further resources have been designed
to provide fun, engaging and interesting ways for pupils to
learn the sun safe messages.

Pre-schools and nurseries can gain their Sun Safe Status via our sister scheme at:
UV Forecast from the Met Office

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